A chalky heart

This is a commissioned piece I did for a Valentines day gift for an expecting mother. I originally had the girl writing 'Didn't you learn after the first one?" but opted for the heart in the end.

Le Diable à 37 000 Pieds

The fine folks at Inoui just lauched their latest e-book about the mid-air collision between a commercial airliner and a private jet over the amazon. Inoui have great titles, all true stories that read like fiction, all in french. They are all well priced and meant to be read in a day.

Here is the cover and 3 illustrations I also did to accompany the text. Oddly enough I got this job just after finishing my Skyfall cutout. Beware of planes, it ain't just snakes that haunt 'em....

Le Diable à 37 000 Pieds pitches

Here are a few rejected cover pitches for the e-book mentioned above. I quite fancy a few of these but they didn't work for various reasons. It is a good example of the amount of pitches I usually come up with when I delve into a project.

True Detective

I had forgotten about this piece I had done months ago for True Detective. I wasn't terribly happy with how it ended up but it still worth a view on this award winning blog.

Santa brawl

Santa meets his match squared up against Sinterklass. Whichever of the two delivers your gifts this year, Merry Christmas. Don't forget to bake a cake for Jesus.

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 12.50.03 PM.png

Children's gifts

Here are a few gifts I have done for people and their children. They are all 8x10s. I like doing these kids commissions and am quite flexible so get in touch if you need a one of a kind gift this Christmas.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 11.32.15 AM.png